Naturaalne poolvääriskivi tulikvarts, päritolumaa Hiina

Kivid suured, mõõdud ca 2 x 3 x 2 cm - ca 31 g

Kivid tegelikkuses ilusad tumedad - nagu ripatsid - mitte nii punased nagu pildil.

Fire quartz is pure quartz with stunning hematite inclusions that look like a pink, orange, and red flame frozen inside the mineral. In its natural state, the crystal is not transparent. However, when sanded, the inclusions become more vibrant, giving the crystal a translucent look.

It is a mineral with powerful energy. The combination of quartz and hematite balances body, mind and spirit. The crystal will not only remove the negative from your life but will turn it into a positive and pure Universal light of love.

The mineral will provide emotional clarity and understanding. It will help you focus and concentrate. Also, it affects your thinking about solving various problems. Understanding the difference between an unconscious reaction and a conscious response, you will control the situation you are in.

The mineral will strengthen your self-esteem and help you become more confident. It will also encourage your spiritual development and help you live according to the principles of the universe. It will fundamentally change your life, make it easier for you to give up old habits, and end toxic relationships. For all your efforts, you will be rewarded with success and abundance.

The crystal accelerates the healing process of the body. It is also known to relieve leg cramps and treat anaemia and other blood disorders. The mineral helps sufferers from stress, anxiety attacks, lack of concentration and even memory loss. It also strengthens liver and kidney function and helps treat various fractures.

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kvarts - tulikvarts - lihvitud poolvääriskivi

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