Naturaalne lihvitud poolvääriskivi tansaniit - veniv käevõru

3-4 mm fassett-lihvitud helmed

Randmele ca 17 cm.

Väga haruldane!

Norm hind 40 euri - soodus



TanzaniteTanzanite is a lovely violet-blue stone with the pure energy of the violet flame. The properties of stones like these, with a high vibration... relates to a number of metaphysical attributes. It has an amazing energy, and is a potent stone to use for healing.

Its strong crystal energy makes it a powerful stone for spiritual growth. Although it is blue it links the heart through to the upper chakras including the soul star chakra.

It allows you to become whole spiritually, as it allows the pure energy of the heart to link with the spirit. The result is a beautiful joy filled energy circle.


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Tansaniit - fassett-helmestest käevõru - UUS

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