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Naturaalne poolvääriskivi - stromatoliit - lihvitud kivi -

kivistunud fossiilid - vanimad bakterid maal

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Stromatolites are one of the oldest fossils known, some dating to over 3.5 billion years old.
Stromatolites are actually structures formed by huge colonies of blue green algae (or cyanobacteria). Some scientists consider these bacteria to be the earliest life form on Earth. The cyanobacteria which dominate stromatolites process many of the building blocks of life, including oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen.
Stromatolites: a record from the emergence of life on earth
These fossils hold the energies of the earliest evolution of life on this planet. Use them to bring:
steadfast persistence
connection to the essence of life
resilience and versatility

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Stromatoliit - lihvitud

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