Naturaalne trummellihvitud aprikoosahhaat, värv looduslik,

mõõdud: ca 3,7 x 3,1 x 2,2 cm.

Uus kaup!

Päritolumaa - Botswana

Banded pink to peach, this soft apricot agate assists in bringing about emotional, physical and mental balance.

In general, agate stabilises and cleanses all the chakras, but apricot agate is specifically connected to the heart and crown chakras.

It is soothing and brings clarity to different and difficult situations.

Due to the combination of these two qualities, apricot agate is a very suitable stone for healing trauma, providing that sense of safety and security while bringing clarity.

As a result, tension dissolves and emotional balance is restored.  *

Country of origin: Botswana.

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Ahhaat - aprikoosahhaat - lihvitud - UUS

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