Magnetsõrmus - Nofretete - kullatud

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Magnets have been used to balance the energies of our bodies for several thousand years. The effect of magnets was well known in the old Egypt. People say that Cleopatra always used to put a magnet on her forehead at night to keep her youthful appearance. Nowadays the effect of magnetic fields and their impact in our well-being is well known everywhere. Mother Earth protectively surrounds us with her natural magnetic field. This constant kind of magnetic field is virtually essential for every creature. The bio-magnetic aura that permanently surrounds our body is energized and stabilized by this natural magnetic field. Because of a constantly raising amount of 
electromagnetic pollution, cell phones, electricity, microwaves and many more, there definitely is an increasing negative impact on our human magnetic field. There is absolutely no reason why we shouldn t protect, reshape and activate our magnetic field.


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Magnetsõrmus - Nofretete - kullatud - VIIMANE

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