Imekaunis naturaalne poolvääriskivi - ränikivi - lihvitud ripats vahanööriga.

Mõõdud ca 3 cm - taevaketas!

Ränikivi Saksamaalt.



Flint is an ancient stone, that was used in the past, in every aspect of people s lives... to make tools, knives and other useful objects.

It became a sacred stone that drew the help of the Gods to their lives.

These days we are aware of this crystals healing properties, as they have a strong energy that will cut away spiritual connections that are no longer helpful.

When we are in relationships of any kind, we create etheric ties to each other. These ties can connect very deeply and can create health issues.

Use this stone at any or all chakras, one by one, asking spirit to cut the ties that have bound you to others, and free yourself from the restrictions that these unwanted ties can create.

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Ränikivi - ripats - Taevaketas - UUS

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