• Roosi õielehed - pakis

Roosi õielehed - pakis

Kotis ca 20 g


Damaskuse roos - rooside kuninganna!
Roosilehti põletatakse armurituaalidel kui ka meditatsiooniks.
Lisaks kaitsemaagias ja probleemide lahendamisel.



  • The queen of flowers
  • Stands for love, passion and seduction, but also for valor
  • Symbolizes the depth of the mystery of the feminine
  • Is used in incenses of love and also in meditative blends
  • Is also part of incense of protection and has the ability to dissolve spells
  • For incensing on a coal or a sieve
  • Is also ideal for decoration


(Rosa damascena)

The queen of the flowers stands for love, passion, and seduction, but also for defending. Its beauty varies between severity and lavishness and radiates empathizing wisdom having its source in suffering and grief. Furthermore, the rose symbolizes the depth of the female mystery. Rose is burned especially for love rituals but also in meditative incense blends. It is also part of protection burnings and has the ability to dissolve magic.

20 grams petals, dark red, cut

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Roosi õielehed - pakis

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