• Hüpersteen  - lihvitud ripats vahanööriga - taevaketas

Naturaalne poolvääriskivi hüpersteen - kaunis ripats vahanööriga - taevaketas

Mõõdud ca 3 cm.

Taevaketas (Hiina "Bi Disc"). See ketas on taevase universumi sümbol.
Taevaketta keskel on auk, mis on ava igavesse ellu.
Taevakettad on rituaalsed esemed, mida kasutatakse tseremooniates (seotud 
päikese ja taevaga).
Hiina šamaanid kasutavad seda tööriista, et suhelda teispoolsusega.
Valmistatud poolvääriskividestTaevakettaid hakati kasutama Hiinajuba 5000 aastat enne Kristust.
Vastavalt Hiina traditsioonile see toob taevaketas nende omanikele õnnelikku elu, kaitset haiguste ja vigastuste vastu ning loomulikult rikkust.


Esoteric Information

Birthstone: Aries

Chakra Alignment: Root

Element: None

Origin of Name & Mythology: Not known

Additional Information

Hypersthene is sometimes referred to as velvet labradorite , however the name is misleading, it is not labradorite at all. However velvet definitely applies to the quality of its energy. Hypersthene calms, sooths, and quiets in general, and is especially helpful when the mind is overactive, shielding us from outside noise in a velvety, protective cocoon.

Hypersthene arranges both energy and thought in a more organised manner, so we can have a clearer idea of the way forward and realise solutions to problems. By calming, grounding and protecting, it is an excellent aid to deep meditation, profound inner reflection, and can take you on journeys into other dimensions of consciousness, travelling beyond the limitations of body and mind. As it calms without drowsiness, it can be effective in situations of stress where one needs to remain alert and express oneself clearly, such as in making a presentation.

Wear or carry it to calm and ground, hold it or sit in a stone circle in meditation.


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Hüpersteen - lihvitud ripats vahanööriga - taevaketas

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