• Valguse kaart - Ema õnn - VIIMANE

Valguse kaart - Ema õnn

Mõõdud ca 10 x 15 cm.


Light Images Postcards
Carmen Gabriele Schöllhorn is a natural health professional since she was 30years old because of a vocation for it. Following a primal vision, in 2010 her way led her to Brazil to the centre of the healer JOAO de DEUS. There, for 6 months, she was allowed to assist as a healing medium and received the first "light appearances" through her digital camera. The light-beings gave her the message that she should make the pictures available for humankind so that their healing, enlightening blessing impact would be visible and perceptible for everybody. 
In these authentic photographs, the utter beauty and symmetry of the universe becomes apparent. If one is open for these pictures and meditates with them, then spheres full of healing and blessing can open up. The experience can be made, that one is never alone but always accompanied by loving helpers, angels and healing godly beings.


sourround my being.


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Valguse kaart - Ema õnn - VIIMANE

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