Pakkuda naturaalsest poolvääriskivist serafiniit käevõru, suured lihvitud kivid ca 1,5 cm

Usutakse, et serafiniit aitab suhelda inglimaailmaga!

Teejuht tarkuse ja valgustumise juurde!

Naisenergia vahendaja!

Abiks meditatsioonil!

Aitab kaasa muutustele!

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Seraphinite is also extremely helpful for all forms of transformation and transmutation, including the magickal kind. Physically, seraphinite is used in crystal healing for nerves, brain cells, purification of the blood and organs and eliminating toxins, kidneys,  liver.  Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.
Seraphinite is often referred to an an angel stone because of its higher energies and relationship with angels. Seraphinite is said to help contact angels and communicate with them. Psychically, seraphinite is beneficial for intuition and psychic awareness. This stone can be very protective  of the heart chakra when used over this chakra, and is helpful for sending unconditional love. Seraphinite is a purifying  stone that helps one find one s higher purpose and will.

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Serafiniit - lihvitud kividest käevõru - UUS

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