Punasest vasest käevõru - 4 ühes - pealt sile ja väga hea kvaliteediga - 

magnet, infapunakiirgus, germaanium ja negatiivsed ioonid!

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Laius ca 13 mm.

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Norm hind 36 €

4 in 1 Copper Bracelet, Straight

This powerful bracelet combines 4 different elements in one copper bracelet, which are extremely beneficial to our body, soul and spirit. With magnet, infrared radiation, germanium and negative ions in the copper bracelet.

Magnet Protects our own biomagnetic field from environmental influences

Infrared: Beneficial heat radiation that has a relaxing effect

Germanium: Chemical element that can shield the radiation of electronic devices from us.

Negative ions: Countlessly present in nature but in cities & rooms in short supply. Refreshes and invigorates.

Copper: Relieves inner tensions and strengthens our self-confidence. A small description card is included. 5

Among the metals, copper is special. It comes closest to gold with its alchemical characteristics and its healing effects.

Only a few decades ago the healing properties of copper were used for growing plants by placing a copper coin overnight into the watering can. (Nowadays this method works less effectively, since the percentage of copper in coins has been lowered due to financial reasons.) Overnight, the properties of copper were transferred into the water and this had a strengthening effect on the plants. Likewise, it is still custom in certain countries to keep drinking water overnight in a copper vessel.

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Vasest käevõru - 4 ühes - UUS

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