Armas nikerdud - Yogimees

Nuttev Buddha - nutab kogu maailma leina ja mure pärast. Hoiab eemale halvad vaimud, kui panna näoga ukse poole.

ca 5-6 cm

Norm hind 8 €

Orang Malu, Suar Wood

The Yogiman is made in Indonesia, and represents an inward, meditating figure, also named the “weeping Buddha”, who is crying for all the world’s grief and sorrow. The Yogiman is said to be keeping out the bad spirits, when placed face forward to the door. Also, shy people are supposed to become less timid when daily stroking Yogiman’s back. Seen the Yogiman from the top you will perceive a face, seen from aside a child in a foetus position, and from the back a heart.


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