Naturaalne trummellihvitud poolvääriskivi - Hilutiit

Sisaldab granaati, tsirkooni ja geotiiti ja kvartsi


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Hilutite Tumblestone

Hilutite is a rare and amazing combination of Garnet, Zircon, Goethite and Quartz. It was discovered in Sri Lanka and was first shown to the world in 2009.

Some 3 years later, a few pieces are now beginning to find their way to the retail market, however, there is not yet much written about Hilutite - and not many people have had the opportunity to work with it.

Some talk of a powerful energy full of positivity, while others talk of manifesting desires. In truth, this stone is only now beginning to come to the attention of crystal workers and it is a crystal that you will have to work with and experience for yourself - and do let us know what you discover ! 

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Hilutiit - lihvitud - ALLAHINDLUS

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