Naturaalne trummellihvitud poolvääriskivi - pürolusiit

mõõdud ca  3,7 x 1,7 cm, kasa vahanöör



PyrolusitePyrolusite is a useful stone to have close to you, as it repels negative energy and strengthens your aura. It can help to provide a barrier to stop psychic interference from strong minded individuals, and stop you getting attention from beings who live in the lower astral realms.

It may help you to feel more optimistic about life. It activates the base chakra and also has a strong action at the crown chakra stone to aid transformation.

It also encourages coincidences or serendipity to come into play... to aid you to move your life in a new direction. It stimulates confidence, and may help you to deal with authority figures, in a way that still maintains your own beliefs. The healing properties of crystals like these can be utilized if you have problems with your metabolism, bronchitis and eyesight.

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Pürolusiit - lihvitud - ripats hõbespiraalis - VIIMANE

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